Einstein said, “Make everything a simple as possible, but no simpler”. He also unwittingly provided the inspiration for Mariah Carey’s eleventh studio album – but we won’t hold that against him. We’ve made the Levicle™ bike as simple as it needs to be. Sure, you can add the bells and whistles. But, at its heart, this is a simple, well-refined bike. You provide the energy and mass. The Levicle™ bike will get you moving at the speed of light… or something close to it. 


There’s nothing quite like rising above it all. This effortless movement provided the first flash of inspiration for the Levicle™ bike. The sensation of comfortably floating above as you ride along is a memorable one and, with the size of the front wheel, the ability of the Levicle™ bike to travel places other bikes cannot is empowering. 


We take pride in building bikes that last. The Levicle™ bike is designed to go anywhere, to take a battering and keep on moving. With no chain or cables there’s little ongoing maintenance needed and the built-tough components will last for years to come. 


The Levicle™ bike doesn’t need any particular training or guidance – it’s just an intuitive sensation once you hop on. With this ease of use comes the urge to get out and travel on it. And anything that encourages people with a healthy approach from A to B is a-ok with us.


‘Fun for young and old’ sounds like something straight out of an ad for a BB gun in the 50s, right? But there’s a reason why the great toys from that generation still remain popular today. Accessibility and ease of use is vital, and we’ve designed the Levicle™ bike to encourage all skill levels. With a twist of the clip the seat can also move from child to adult size, making it a quick handover when mum and dad get bored of sitting watching the kids play and want to have a go too. Yes, one size does not fit all. But two sizes do fit most.