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Introducing the Levicle bike
Sit down, go fast and go further with a bike ready for both quick commuting and fun free-riding


Found in the supermarket
The origin story

Most of us have done it at some time or another when behind the shopping cart – that thing you do leaning forward on the handlebar, letting it take your weight as you float above the polished floor. It’s one of those unique pleasures in life you can enjoy as much as an adult as when you first tried (despite the odd looks you might get from other shoppers).

 For Tom Mackenzie, the creator of the Levicle™ bike, this sensation of freedom and ease of movement was one he felt compelled to emulate with his invention. 

I wanted to deliver a new sense of freedom – for the rider to feel the exhilaration of rising above and rolling along. The result: the Levicle™ bike, a quick, easy and safe way to explore the world, be it in the local schoolyard or on the commute to work.
— Tom Mackenzie. Inventor of the Levicle™ bike.