The best of both worlds

 The Levicle™ bike delivers the space-saving and hassle-free riding of the scooter with the comfort and ease of the bicycle.

Get over it

With a large front wheel the Levicle™ bike can safely and easily ride over the type of stones and other debris that can stop a scooter in its tracks.

A small fortune

Compact and lightweight, the Levicle™ bike can be quickly packed down to 720mm x 356mm x 193mm. This makes it ideal for taking on the busor train.

Ride on time

You can accelerate faster than on a Levicle™ bike than you can with a bicycle from a standing start. And with narrow handle bars it’s far easier to navigate through the crowds. As there are no pedals in many countries you’ll be able to ride amongst pedestrians too.

Chuck the chain

There is no greasy chain to mess up your clothes and make you late for work. In fact, with very little maintenance required it’s easy to ‘set and forget’.

Sit up and take notice

The seat is close to the handlebars, eliminating the need to bend the lower back and reducing back pain.  This also provides the ‘trolley effect’, allowing you to feel like you’re levitating across the ground.